News release. Project "The new steps into the future".

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News release. Project  "The new steps into the future".

Project  "The new steps into the future" summary:

Our organization provides hobby and professional training in different kinds of handicrafts for adults. Our clients are the Russian-speaking residents of Narva; less frequently – people from other regions of Estonia. With the help of the project we are planning to attract Estonian-speaking guests as well as tourists from other countries to our activities.  

In order to achieve that, several steps have been envisaged:

-          Training on the economic aspects in the field for the NGO members

-          Creation of a multiple-language webpage instead of the present-day webpage in the Russian              language

-          Issuing multi-lingual printed materials

-          Courses in basic Estonian and Russian for the NGO members

-          Organizing pilot master-classes for multi-lingual groups

-          Participation in handicraft fairs in Tallinn and Helsinki.

As a result, the changes will affect both the organization and community. The organization will become stronger through the special training of the NGO members, gained new experience and new means of communications with the community.

Project is supported by the NGO Fund of EEA Grants, which is operated by Open Estonia Foundation (